Sunday, 7 June 2009

Home Remedies For Tinnitus

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is a frustrating problem for the sufferer. You hear noises in your ears, which are not actually there at all. Though the condition is quite serious, there is a very simple home remedies for tinnitus.

Between the causes of the problem may be the earwax, damage to the auditory system or the tension in the body muscles reproduced in the ears as different sounds like chirping, drumming, shrieking, sharp music etc. The conventional belief for many people is that there is no remedies for tinnitus.

If the causes are local to the ears like blockage of ear by earwax or infection in the ears, the removal of these causes by removing the earwax or infection by the appropriate treatment may lead to a cure to tinnitus. If the problem owes its existence to tension in the neck or back muscles, the removal of tension in those body muscles by exercise or physiotherapy may end the trouble.

If there are no evident causes, you need different and many other approaches to find a remedies for tinnitus, like: The prescription drugs: These often suppress or aggravate the symptoms but do not permanently cure tinnitus. Because the causes are unknown, the cure is quite difficult. The alternative remedies for tinnitus like homeopathy, osteopathy do relieve the symptoms considerably, but do not relieve the problem altogether.

There are three simple steps of home remedies for tinnitus.

1. Distract your attention from the trouble into the inner recesses of the mind through meditation.
2. Deep breathing which help relaxes the tension in your body muscles.
3. Keep chewing something in your mouth at frequent intervals then your jaw muscles will remain in motion to ease the problem.

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